Paying Home-age

“You have to focus on your dreams even if they go beyond common sense” Anna Sui

I have always been a HUGE fan of Anna Sui. Of course with her perfection of Boho Glam it was heavenly love for this rock and roll girl. Back in the day I cloaked myself in her velvets and brocades finished off with biker boots and a great floppy or top hat. I found her clothes far more attainable in the (what I felt) elitist fashion world. When her store opened up in Soho it was like coming home and I loved how lusciously comfortable it felt. To this day if I see purple and black together (as in the store’s design or Anna Sui packing) I immediately think of Anna Sui. I feel flooded with sensual fantasy and scents of an earthy English garden. Now that is some great branding juju!

Her new line inspired by the History Channel’s show Vikings is rich and inspired. I recently started watching Vikings after my friend John recommended it to me numerous times and he was right (per usual) I LOVE it! Highly recommend!!! So this marriage of Anna Sui and Vikings makes beautiful sense to me. The Scandi patterns mixed with furs, the layers, the colors topped off with sexy tousled hair (thanks to my uber talented friend and hairstylist Louis Angelo) and the Inuit face tattoos! It’s a whole new refreshing love affair!!!

 Here are photos of my favorite looks from the show. 

More info on Louis Angelo below. 


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_A2X0971Photos courtesy Gianni Pucci/

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.51.53 PM

Photo by Jennifer Graylock courtesy of Anna Sui.

Please click link to see more or a video of the show.

 You can get your hair done by Louis Angelo @ the Julien Farel Salon NYC 

540 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065
(212) 888-8988

For shoots Louis is represented by Judy Casey.


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