My cousin Sarah asked me to help her out with creating an easy simple & organic aisle decor for her outdoor wedding at a State Park. I decided and she agreed that I make terrariums in lanterns. The lanterns would hang on a shepherd hook to create the wise pathway. Here are easy step by step instructions on how to make them! You can check out the wedding in the Parties, Delicables & Pretty Things section here.

Buy your materials-
• Lanterns with nice clear glass sides.
• Rocks – I used river rocks
• Preserved Moss or fresh moss from outside
• Reindeer Moss
• Spanish Moss
• Succulents
• Shepherd Hooks
• Burlap Ribbon
• Water Spray Bottle
• Scissors
• Thongs
• Knife
• Stick or Long screwdriver

photo 2

photo 5

photo 3

Put a thin layer of your rocks in the bottom of the lantern.

photo 4

Take out one of your plants and cut off the bottom part of the roots and soil.

photo 6

Place your plant in the center on top of rocks. You can use the thongs to hold the plant as you put it in.

photo 7

I like to buy an assortment of succulents. When I can’t buy wholesale I buy larger prearranged plant @ Lowes or Home Depot since it’s cheaper. Then I break it apart so I have a lot of single succulents. I like to mix up my plants and count of them per terrarium. So if they’re smaller I’ll two, larger I’ll use one.

photo 1

After your plant is placed start adding all your different mosses to cover the roots and dirt. This is where you create your “environment” for your terrarium world. You really can add whatever you want to your terrarium personality.

photo 8

My finished little friends, are like soldiers of love! Ready to march in and spread joy.

photo 9

Bang in your shepherd hooks and hang your terrariums. Here I added burlap ribbon to help delineate the aisle more.

photo 10

My daughter and niece helped with writing the bride’s and groom’s names on to flat white rocks then put them in one of the terrariums. We hang this one by the walkway so guest would know where to turn for the ceremony spot. After the reception special guests and the bride and groom got to take home the special terrariums as a keepsake.

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