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Timing is Everything!

Did you know that when you start a relationship has huge significance on that relationship? I just realized I should share this with you as I myself just thought- “not a good time to start a new thing or date”. And it’s not, because Mercury is Retrograde. Definitely not the right time if you want a successful love.

Most have heard that Mercury Retrograde is a challenging time for communication, technology, signing really anything, major purchases or big trips. Some may even know- don’t get married. It is after all a legal and spiritual contract.

Most don’t know that you shouldn’t start a new relationship. It’s ok to like someone, flirt, talk, daydream but forget physical contact and serious talks or commitments. I’d also wait to have that actual first date until Mercury is Direct. Sorry!

It is a good time to deal with old relationships, or issues in a current relationship and a broken off relationship may be rekindled and reunited during Mercury Retrograde. So it IS good timing for certain things. To learn more tips read Larry Schwimmer’s article that he wrote for the Huffington Post I’ve included the link below.

Wow, wait, the Huffington Post. Maybe there’s something to this old Astrology thing…