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How to Reclaim Your Space & Self After a Break Up

Let’s face it breaking up sucks! It’s change and it’s unsettling, nerve wracking, paralyzing at times but you’ve got to clear out old vibes! Welcome new clearer space = clear head & heart. It’s a loss – grieve and clear the ways!

First admit however much the pain hurts (and it sucks I know), so does picking up dirty socks, tripping over randomly thrown shoes and baffling mass breeding whisker hairs in the bathroom! You have just freed up time and energy to do what you want when you want. Invite whomever you like whenever! Wear whatever you want, buy whatever you want, BE whatever you want. No matter what it seems we sacrifice and recalibrate ourselves especially when we want so much for it to work out.

First remove all of your ex’s belongings. Don’t play the “what if” game… if I keep this here, if I don’t move this at all maybe…. NO! What was didn’t work and you don’t want that same thing always. Pack that shit up stat! Do your best to lovingly remove your ex’s remains. The more love and less detachment the better.

Clean out old vibes! Blast your favorite music, burn a white cleansing candle and sage (or my new fav Palo Santo/Holy wood, thanks to my sista Shari!) and do a major deep cleaning (especially in the bedroom). Remove any items or decor that have always bothered you. Replace with stuff that makes you happy or make the space more bare, peaceful. You will in time find your new prefect things to blend in. Enjoy the deep breath of cleansing and owning your “new” space.

Find and bring home new friends – crystals! My top favorite pals for this party are-rose quartz, garnets, Pink Lemurian Seed, Pink Manganocalcite, Rhodonite, emeralds…

I find it’s best to pick whatever stones you’re drawn to. Try to relax and use your intuition. I suggest creating a collection and placing them in a beautiful bowl on your nightstand. You can also put some in a pouch and sleep with them under your pillow or bed. Make sure to purify your new stones before using them and at every full moon. To do this you can burn sage and allow the smoke to touch the stones then to rejuvenate them place the stones in the sun or moon light.

More to come on this awkward uncomfortable crappy process!

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