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Are you ready to feel good again? Jupiter is Direct! Hell yes!

I’ve been hiding out a bit lately though giving all I got when I do show up. With the energies of the two eclipses and jupiter being retrograde and now direct, I feel as through a massive purge and an insurgence of wonderfulness and mastery has been injected into my life . I’m ready to kick ass!!!

Could be because I have a Sag Moon and Jupiter rules my moon, could be the hocus pocus the eclipses are doing to my chart, maybe that the Saturn Pluto square is FINALLY over or the Reiki that’s gracing my realm.

Here’s how Nightlight Astrology (one of my favs) beautifully expresses Jupiter going direct.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today, and its ruling planet Jupiter is about to turn direct again. A good day to discuss Jupiter. First a brief list of what to watch for with Jupiter turning direct…

* The return of faith, optimism, and excitement
* What was lost is better off lost because what we’re finding now has replaced our old expectations…this is something even better..different perhaps..but better
* We’ve built an inner confidence, trust, and faith that is now ready to lead us forward from a time of inner doubt
* Lucky, victorious, forward thinking, expansive, take off
* A stroke of luck, good fortune, unexpected success turns the page, flips the script back to something we can get on board with
* A time of ego humbling is over
* Help is on the way
* Pooled resources are now ready to be used
* A tremendous lesson learned
* The heavy heart becomes light again
* A time of revising something is concluding
* A dramatic process reaches climax


* The proud king sees a vision in his sleep, wakes up praising something higher than his own crown
* Scrooge on Christmas morning, dancing through the streets
* A purple heart pendant
* The medal of honor
* The losing team is met by loyal fans on their arrival home
* Graduation
* A child’s painting hung on the refrigerator
* Finally mastering a hand stand
* A toy sale
* A charity auction
* An heirloom given to someone special
* A courageous poem read at an open mic night
* A teenager’s first poem or first written song
* A celebrity who slips in the mud in public gets up and laughs at himself, reminds everyone that we’re all just human, shines brighter than before

As Jupiter is turning direct in the second decan of Leo (a Jupiter RULED decan), we’re finishing a period of time that has been about the humbling of the ego, the loss of personal confidence or faith, or the deep introversion of these qualities for the sake of discovering a more personal sense of what “success” or “victory” looks and feels like. “The lord giveth and the lord taketh away,” is a phrase floating in the ethers right now. For many of us, it’s been about lessons in pride and humility, confidence and ego. Though we’d like to think faith, optimism, personal charisma, specialness, and victory all come from hard work…though we’d like to think we are “righteous” when we are successful, we forget that all of these grand looking qualities are also deeply mysterious. They come…and then they go. Our brightness and charisma waxes…wins…and then wanes…loses. We are so addicted to the never ending the up and up, to the one more time, to the never ending success..the unlimited ceiling…to our “potential.” So when these things come we hold them too tightly and tend to suffer their inevitable collapse. The simple truth we are remembering right now (felt in many different ways) is that even stars burn out. It’s not about unfairness, or’s just a simple part of the way things are. What comes up must come down and vice versa.

For some of us, this retrograde has been about the renewal or restoration of faith and the disintegration of some old form of cynicism. Either way, a process involving the dynamics described is reaching a head. Now we’re ready to move forward with this new version of success, faith, optimism, and purpose. Hopefully a little wiser for the wear..and hopefully with a little less righteousness OR cynicism clinging to our egos.