Custom Mudroom Wall in a Tight Entranceway

This was tricky and had me stumped for a bit. I really wanted a mudroom entranceway but didn’t have a foyer area or really any space at all. So I came up with adding a wood panel to add warmth, anchor and help define the “mud wall”.

• 4 x 8 Clean top choice plywood – I picked Maple with a cool knot pattern.
• Molding
• Brush Nickel Hooks – 2 different sizes – 1 large 1 small
• Ikea Brushed Nickel Shelf Bracket
• Slab of Rustic Wood – to use as shelf
• Special sauce mix
• 3 Baskets – added later to shelf

First always measure everything three times, then measure again! Cut your plywood to fit the
wall space your covering.

photo 24

photo 23

photo 16

photo 15

photo 17

Of course we had an outlet right where our wood panel was going so we measured and notched it out.

photo 18

We screwed in the sheet of ply wood in about 6 spots knowing that more screws were automatically getting added once the hooks went up. Then we brushed and ragged on the special sauce and watched the magic happen!

photo 19

Once the wood panel we cooked with the special sauce we evenly measured out where our hooks were going. Putting the larger hooks on top for hats and jackets, smaller hooks lower for bags.

photo 11

Then we cut out our shelf put it in the brackets and install. We made sure it went high enough so the front door could still open. Later baskets would go on shelf one for each family member for all those loose annoying extras…

photo 13

Then we measured, cut, stained and installed our molding. We used that to finish off the left edge of the wood wall. This detail pulled the whole thing together giving it a finished clean look.

photo 20

photo 21

photo 22

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