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CO-OP 28 “Handmade, Vintage, Home” 1728 N Vermont Ave Los Feliz LA

I just LOVE this store! The minute I stepped in the salesgirl said Hello! from across the store then made a b line to me and asked- Would you like a glass of wine? White or Red? It was perfect! Besides the amazing customer service and welcoming vibe this store has got a great assortment of products both vintage and new. Home decor, jewelry, cool gifts, soaps, candles, clothes, books, furniture, signs, and art. It’s the perfect shop for gift buying. Everything is well-displayed,  great visual merchandising. I was very impressed. The check out table is faced with stacks and stacks of books, other display tabletops are old doors. I met the owner, Marci, a fellow Brooklyn girl and she didn’t stop moving! Even as we chatted she was assembling gift boxes, grabbing unreleased jewelry from the back to show me. I, of course, bought a piece of jewelry – a delicate little bracelet with a simple arrow on it I felt it was perfect for my gypsy Sag moon. Marci features a lot of local artists and the jewelry collection is totally of the now or “up and coming”. My consort, Brad, bought himself a fabulous pair of vintage 1970’s military linesmen leather boots. When you make your visit to this gem give yourself ample time to soak it in, it’s more then shopping it’s an experience.



Store sign created by artist Keri Rosebrough, who used

around 6,000 pieces of trash to make it.







some photos courtesy of softpedia, afar, angelenoliving and frontiermedia

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