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Timing is Everything!

Did you know that when you start a relationship has huge significance on that relationship? I just realized I should share this with you as I myself just thought- “not a good time to start a new thing or date”. And it’s not, because Mercury is Retrograde. Definitely not the right time if you want a successful love.

Most have heard that Mercury Retrograde is a challenging time for communication, technology, signing really anything, major purchases or big trips. Some may even know- don’t get married. It is after all a legal and spiritual contract.

Most don’t know that you shouldn’t start a new relationship. It’s ok to like someone, flirt, talk, daydream but forget physical contact and serious talks or commitments. I’d also wait to have that actual first date until Mercury is Direct. Sorry!

It is a good time to deal with old relationships, or issues in a current relationship and a broken off relationship may be rekindled and reunited during Mercury Retrograde. So it IS good timing for certain things. To learn more tips read Larry Schwimmer’s article that he wrote for the Huffington Post I’ve included the link below.

Wow, wait, the Huffington Post. Maybe there’s something to this old Astrology thing…

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Are you ready to feel good again? Jupiter is Direct! Hell yes!

I’ve been hiding out a bit lately though giving all I got when I do show up. With the energies of the two eclipses and jupiter being retrograde and now direct, I feel as through a massive purge and an insurgence of wonderfulness and mastery has been injected into my life . I’m ready to kick ass!!!

Could be because I have a Sag Moon and Jupiter rules my moon, could be the hocus pocus the eclipses are doing to my chart, maybe that the Saturn Pluto square is FINALLY over or the Reiki that’s gracing my realm.

Here’s how Nightlight Astrology (one of my favs) beautifully expresses Jupiter going direct.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today, and its ruling planet Jupiter is about to turn direct again. A good day to discuss Jupiter. First a brief list of what to watch for with Jupiter turning direct…

* The return of faith, optimism, and excitement
* What was lost is better off lost because what we’re finding now has replaced our old expectations…this is something even better..different perhaps..but better
* We’ve built an inner confidence, trust, and faith that is now ready to lead us forward from a time of inner doubt
* Lucky, victorious, forward thinking, expansive, take off
* A stroke of luck, good fortune, unexpected success turns the page, flips the script back to something we can get on board with
* A time of ego humbling is over
* Help is on the way
* Pooled resources are now ready to be used
* A tremendous lesson learned
* The heavy heart becomes light again
* A time of revising something is concluding
* A dramatic process reaches climax


* The proud king sees a vision in his sleep, wakes up praising something higher than his own crown
* Scrooge on Christmas morning, dancing through the streets
* A purple heart pendant
* The medal of honor
* The losing team is met by loyal fans on their arrival home
* Graduation
* A child’s painting hung on the refrigerator
* Finally mastering a hand stand
* A toy sale
* A charity auction
* An heirloom given to someone special
* A courageous poem read at an open mic night
* A teenager’s first poem or first written song
* A celebrity who slips in the mud in public gets up and laughs at himself, reminds everyone that we’re all just human, shines brighter than before

As Jupiter is turning direct in the second decan of Leo (a Jupiter RULED decan), we’re finishing a period of time that has been about the humbling of the ego, the loss of personal confidence or faith, or the deep introversion of these qualities for the sake of discovering a more personal sense of what “success” or “victory” looks and feels like. “The lord giveth and the lord taketh away,” is a phrase floating in the ethers right now. For many of us, it’s been about lessons in pride and humility, confidence and ego. Though we’d like to think faith, optimism, personal charisma, specialness, and victory all come from hard work…though we’d like to think we are “righteous” when we are successful, we forget that all of these grand looking qualities are also deeply mysterious. They come…and then they go. Our brightness and charisma waxes…wins…and then wanes…loses. We are so addicted to the never ending the up and up, to the one more time, to the never ending success..the unlimited ceiling…to our “potential.” So when these things come we hold them too tightly and tend to suffer their inevitable collapse. The simple truth we are remembering right now (felt in many different ways) is that even stars burn out. It’s not about unfairness, or’s just a simple part of the way things are. What comes up must come down and vice versa.

For some of us, this retrograde has been about the renewal or restoration of faith and the disintegration of some old form of cynicism. Either way, a process involving the dynamics described is reaching a head. Now we’re ready to move forward with this new version of success, faith, optimism, and purpose. Hopefully a little wiser for the wear..and hopefully with a little less righteousness OR cynicism clinging to our egos.

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Super New Moon in Aquarius!

Today @ 6:47pm EST is the New Moon @ 29 degrees Aquarius. This is the second New Moon in Aquarius with the first one being at 0 degrees Aquarius. A planet runs it’s course at 30 degrees through a sign. So we’ve gone from the beginning to the end of innovative Aquarius. If you REALLY want to radically change something this is the Moon to do it. You must use your intent and be clear with what you want to get rid of and what you want instead. Use whatever tools you’re comfortable with, have some sort of ritual. Write down your thoughts, light a candle while envisioning your desires, make a visual collage you get it right? The more visualization work and asking you do the more your dreams come true.

The moon is just on the threshold of Pisces within a minute after the New Moon the Moon moves into Pisces. Moving us directly into a loving state of heart. Both Venus & Mars move into a conjunction in the first degrees of Aries on Saturday 2/21 bringing a lot of creative and passionate energy. It’s more then just love and sex it’s about loving life. Use the visionary energy of Aquarius to bring the kind of love you want into your life. This is truly a Super New Moon the opportunity to make something super!



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Mercury Direct & Fifty Shades of Grey.

Mercury is finally direct today@ 9:57 am EST. Mercury has certainly been a little trickster this retrograde go around. Just when you thought it was “not that bad” that jokester mercurial energy made a mess of your plans. For me – two flat tires, friends canceling plans and deliveries not happening. All and all not too bad except for the two f***ing flat tires, that literally blew!

Mercury has been in Aquarius throughout the whole retrograde. It’s definitely been a time of re-evaluate, re-novate, re-form and re-invent. Invention and Aquarius go hand in hand. Now you will want to start moving forward and making decisions. Today there’s major planetary activity and still not the best timing for making huge decisions. More patience please! the forward energy will really kick in in about a week, at the Super New Moon on Feb 18th.

Mercury is direct just in time for Valentine’s Day on the 14th, which is a nice little gift. With Venus, Mars, and Chiron being together closely in Pisces we will want to be extra mushy and sensual. Yeah Babe! Venus loves being in Pisces so let’s soak up all the love, get regenerated and ready for Spring.

Great Astrologer/Writer and once a teacher of mine, Eric Francis, writes-

“Venus loves loves loves Pisces, which is natural territory for her, and a place of creativity and sensuality. Venus is making two aspects — square to Saturn in Sagittarius, and then approaching a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (which happens about once a year). This translates to, “It will be worth working through any resistance you feel, to get to the thing you want.” That thing is not really a thing; it’s a state of mind.

No, not a state of mind, an emotional space, of total bliss. You may be wondering if that is possible in Western society. It is, for a while, if you want it. You cannot really plan this but you can swim toward the feeling, toward what seems like some place of origin. Follow your intuition on this one, and apply the minimum energy needed to move through any resistance. It will be worth it!

You may think you have to be realistic to get the rewards of this conjunction but you would be better off being wildly idealistic and allowing yourself to visualize and attract who or what you want the most. Looked at one way, Venus-Neptune is total submission, but it’s also about releasing the irresistible attractiveness that you contain.

Meanwhile, another conjunction is developing in Pisces — Mars and Chiron. This one happens once every two years. As if Venus and Neptune were not enough Pisces (they are plenty) we have Mars and Chiron pulsing through the cosmic headwaters. The message here is, allow yourself to desire actively, boldly and directly. In a sense it’s the opposite energy of Venus-Neptune. Mars-Chiron is the power of conscious will directed toward specific desires or destinations. Remember, you have this option.”

Interestingly Eric writes about the Venus-Neptune conjunction as being “total-submission” right as the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is about to be released for V Day. Not surprising that Hollywood used V Day as it’s release date. I doubt that those executives consciously knew about the astrological aspects though we’re all (hopefully) aware on some level. I think the message is the “power of conscious” letting you be aware and not disillusioned by Neptune. If you’re submissive know it and own it with fifty shades of Pisces LOVE.

Please check out Eric’s site below-

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.28.27 AMArtwork by Matt Rockman.

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When the Moon lights up your stage!

15* Leo Full Moon Feb 3, 2015 @6:09PM EST

What a moon! Some say the best full moon of the year! This big Leo Moon wants you to take center stage, to show your creativity, your child like essence of pure fun and love. Jupiter is conjunct the Moon and Uranus trines the Moon. There are some feelings of stage fright and fear of failure (with the Capricorn Pluto/Pisces Chiron Yod aspect). You just want to shine and roar from the rooftops while being afraid of falling on your face!

Take a big leap of faith with your heart. You can make positive changes in your life now, new friends and/or loves that encourage you to be your true self. What are your inner deepest desires? This Moon asks you to own up to you without doubt instead try authentic self-expression and love.


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.53.56 PM

Artwork by Matt Rockman @


Increase your awareness now by reading your free Full Moon Horoscope for your zodiac sign below By Rick Levine.


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Come along for a 30 Day challenge to unplug and plug into you!

The Dalai Lama was asked what surprises him the most and he response was –

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

When I can across this quote on one of my favorite sites, Collective Evolution, it blew me away! Not just because it’s true because it resonated so powerfully with me. I often have similar thoughts and they nag at me since I’m sure what to do about it. Do I pick up and move into the wilderness? Do I start home schooling my kid and live off the land so she understands “how to truly live” not be a salve to our society?

Well the Collective Evolution challenges you to a 30 Day challenge of you. So I’ve decided to do it, it’s a good start! I will blog about it periodically throughout the 30 days. Will you join me? If so feel free to send me a message to let me know. Read more…

You have to for the next 30 days spend 1 hour a day focused on you!

There are some guidelines –

Things you can’t do

  • No TV, Music, Movies or Games
  • Avoid being with people (sounds weird I know, but it’s YOU time.)
  • As little distractions as possible
  • No napping during this hour

It must be one full hour. Try not to cut corners by counting your morning shower, teeth brushing and cereal eating as your hour. The hour should be at a point in the day where it truly feels like you are taking time out for yourself.

Things you can do

  • Writing
  • Meditation/self reflection
  • Walking or exercising (no music!)
  • Something you love (example: for me it will likely be training for baseball)
  • Anything else that you can do alone with little distraction

The overall goal is quite simple: spend more time with just YOURSELF. Some might call this facing yourself, or simply taking some time for YOU.

They suggest doing “something you love” or something new like play guitar, knit, pet your dog or cat. Also suggest using some of the end of the hour to journal about your experience each day. The most important is to STICK TO IT! One hour every day.

It may sound strange but this blog has already been leading me towards this. I’m looking forward to this challenge I know it’ll be rewarding, empowering and at times difficult to slow down time for me. To just be…

Happy you! 

Thanks to Collective Evolution go to to check out their amazing site and go to  to sign up for the challenge.


By Sinx-x

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