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Happy Magical Plant World – Terrain!

This past weekend my dear friend, Nancy De Weir Geaney, took me to Terrain in Westport, CT. I was blown away! This stylist’s heart starting beating faster and faster from delightful visual overload. I’ve been a big fan of Terrain’s site and blog for a while and still the Westport store is a might see experience. It was just as sweet that I was there with Nancy who teaches workshops @ Terrain on vegetable dying linens, eggs and probably anything that will hold veggie dye!

Terrain’s store is massive (17,000 sq ft), it’s a cluster of giant cathedral ceilings greenhouses that are all connected and filled with the most magical garden and home decor. Plants, terrariums, gardening containers, wood, soaps, furniture, tableware, books, jewelry, accessories, restaurant and a bar!

Most of the plants I’ve never seen in person, each one had a distinct personality. It worth a day trip to Westport – take in the store, shop and sit down for a meal in the Garden Cafe.

Now that Spring has finally arrive to dissolve the Arctic Tundra of the NorthEast I will be returning soon to the Westport Terrain for gardening goodies and inspiration. There’s also a second location in Glen Mills, PA south of Philly.

PS – Look for upcoming piece on Nancy De Weir Geaney.








Terrain-Westport-5Pics courtesy of Terrian.

Gypsy Travels

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine LA

When I lived in LA one of my special power spots was the serene and beautiful Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple, and it still is. If you’re one for lush beautiful gardens and major tranquility then you must go for a visit. It’s ten-acres of gardens, natural spring fed lake, swans, ducks, koi fish and plant life from around the world make this wonderment one of a kind. Even a portion of Gandhi’s ashes is enshrined there!

This magical spot came through a real dream of an oil company executive. He woke up in the middle of the night dreaming of the property as a “Church for All Religions”. After having the dream three times that same night he woke up and looked up “Church of All Religions” in the phone book. The only listing was for the Self-Realization Fellowship Church of All Religions in Hollywood. Blown away by his dreams he decided to contact Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters. Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of SRF, came to the phone and before the man could say anything, Paramahansa said “You have property for sale? When can I see it?”. He visited the property the next day and quickly starting plans for the open-air shrine of all religions he wished to establish in Los Angeles.

The Self-Realization Fellowship @ Lake Shrine is a place where one can go mediate, have a wedding ceremony, stay and do a meditation retreat. It’s doors are open to all. When you walk the grounds – the air smells cleaner, the sunlight bounces off the lake and the greenery and environment hug you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.54.35 PM


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Gypsy Travels

Glamorous Camping = Glamping!

So boho chic. This gypsy has been wanting to try it out for the past couple of years. Finally I had the opportunity to do so in August. I picked glamping @ River Ranch Lake Wales Florida. River Ranch also has another love of mine – horses!

Our almost 400 sq ft tent had AC, a fan, a fridge, it’s own outdoor grill and picnic table. Our canvas oasis had a separate screened in porch in the front to keep bugs out. This is where every morning our breakfast magically appeared! Pot of coffee, danishes and fruit just silently showed up, kind of creepy and fabulous all in one. Definitely luxury in the great outdoors. In the middle of the glamping tents there’s a communal fire-pit that also magically ignites every night at dusk, perfect setting for your complimentary smores kit.

But what I loved most about this ranch and experience was the southern hospitality, history and simplicity that’s
lost in most areas today. This area of Florida is home to America’s first cowboys – a combination of Seminole Indians. Spanish colonists and American Settlers. There’s a real sense of freedom – American freedom that sadly seems lost today. At this ranch you can learn how to line dance, go to a real rodeo, drink at the saloon, go for a ride (on a horse), ride an airboat through the everglades or fly your plane in. Soon you’ll be able to fly your plane and land right next to your cabin or glamping tent.

My favorite thing about this excursion was the people who work the ranch – a definite reality show subculture. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Ray Duncan who runs the ranch, is the rodeo announcer and the preacher @ the “ranch chapel”. Mr. Ray and I had to have words cause I complained about the insanely loud plane that was hovering over our tent around 6am. I was fresh off my plane the night before and ironically my industrial street in Brooklyn is quieter then that! Mr. Ray was very sympathetic and generously hooked us up! He came by on his golf cart everyday with his dog, Cowboy, and found us. All to check in and make sure we were ok and having fun. It was truly amazing! And we laughed when he told me that the loud plane culprit was a photographer capturing early morning light for his photo shoot! Even in glamping and nature one can not escape one’s roots!

I must also tip my hat to Ms Chelsea whom we lovingly refer to as “Ms Chelsea Mam” she is the talented female trick rider in the rodeo and was our trial ride leader every morning. Chelsea had impressive knowledge of all the local vegetation, animal tracks and a deep respect for the land. She’s a bad ass and a beauty too! She made our trip so much more lush and alive.

glamping tent

glamping wg-river-ranch-glamping-sleeping-area-v1-737

rr tent

Glamping area

rr campfire

Fire at night.

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