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When the Moon lights up your stage!

15* Leo Full Moon Feb 3, 2015 @6:09PM EST

What a moon! Some say the best full moon of the year! This big Leo Moon wants you to take center stage, to show your creativity, your child like essence of pure fun and love. Jupiter is conjunct the Moon and Uranus trines the Moon. There are some feelings of stage fright and fear of failure (with the Capricorn Pluto/Pisces Chiron Yod aspect). You just want to shine and roar from the rooftops while being afraid of falling on your face!

Take a big leap of faith with your heart. You can make positive changes in your life now, new friends and/or loves that encourage you to be your true self. What are your inner deepest desires? This Moon asks you to own up to you without doubt instead try authentic self-expression and love.


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.53.56 PM

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