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March 2015

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Happy Magical Plant World – Terrain!

This past weekend my dear friend, Nancy De Weir Geaney, took me to Terrain in Westport, CT. I was blown away! This stylist’s heart starting beating faster and faster from delightful visual overload. I’ve been a big fan of Terrain’s site and blog for a while and still the Westport store is a might see experience. It was just as sweet that I was there with Nancy who teaches workshops @ Terrain on vegetable dying linens, eggs and probably anything that will hold veggie dye!

Terrain’s store is massive (17,000 sq ft), it’s a cluster of giant cathedral ceilings greenhouses that are all connected and filled with the most magical garden and home decor. Plants, terrariums, gardening containers, wood, soaps, furniture, tableware, books, jewelry, accessories, restaurant and a bar!

Most of the plants I’ve never seen in person, each one had a distinct personality. It worth a day trip to Westport – take in the store, shop and sit down for a meal in the Garden Cafe.

Now that Spring has finally arrive to dissolve the Arctic Tundra of the NorthEast I will be returning soon to the Westport Terrain for gardening goodies and inspiration. There’s also a second location in Glen Mills, PA south of Philly.

PS – Look for upcoming piece on Nancy De Weir Geaney.








Terrain-Westport-5Pics courtesy of Terrian.

Parties, Delectables & Pretty Things

Winter Blues Cure – Beautiful Boho Snow Chalet

I LOVE this place so much I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t see Coco+Kelley’s fab post about it. This would be my dream get-away ski chalet. I love the mix of styles, colors and textures. I even kinda love the shiny bright floral mosaic tile Kitchen – who knew? The element of surprise, fun and wonder is always vital to me in home decor. It would be really easy to just chill here, nothing is up tight or fussy. The wood is warm and inviting, fireplace is calling me. This gem is in the Snowy French Alps design by Lionel Jadot. I’m already packing…

Check it out









Photos via design by lionel jadot via wave avenue 

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