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January 2015

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Juno brought Galactic “Star Flakes”!

Besides Storm Juno brining in love hook ups in the NYC area it also brought with it Galactic Star Shaped Snowflakes! Which in my book are WAY cooler!

They first came to my attention on Jan. 26th 2015 when my daughter (whom often spots the magically things) got off her school bus and said ” Mom check out this cool photo!”. It was this photo of a starflake on her classmate’s hat.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.11.29 AM

My daughter’s photo of “star flakes” on friend’s hat. 

Then my dear friend Michael Quinn sent me the link below. An article written about the magic snow star flakes!

I’m amazed and not, being a fan and student of Sacred Geometry. Did you see these magical star flakes?



 Two photos via

Style Sanctuary

Come along for a 30 Day challenge to unplug and plug into you!

The Dalai Lama was asked what surprises him the most and he response was –

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

When I can across this quote on one of my favorite sites, Collective Evolution, it blew me away! Not just because it’s true because it resonated so powerfully with me. I often have similar thoughts and they nag at me since I’m sure what to do about it. Do I pick up and move into the wilderness? Do I start home schooling my kid and live off the land so she understands “how to truly live” not be a salve to our society?

Well the Collective Evolution challenges you to a 30 Day challenge of you. So I’ve decided to do it, it’s a good start! I will blog about it periodically throughout the 30 days. Will you join me? If so feel free to send me a message to let me know. Read more…

You have to for the next 30 days spend 1 hour a day focused on you!

There are some guidelines –

Things you can’t do

  • No TV, Music, Movies or Games
  • Avoid being with people (sounds weird I know, but it’s YOU time.)
  • As little distractions as possible
  • No napping during this hour

It must be one full hour. Try not to cut corners by counting your morning shower, teeth brushing and cereal eating as your hour. The hour should be at a point in the day where it truly feels like you are taking time out for yourself.

Things you can do

  • Writing
  • Meditation/self reflection
  • Walking or exercising (no music!)
  • Something you love (example: for me it will likely be training for baseball)
  • Anything else that you can do alone with little distraction

The overall goal is quite simple: spend more time with just YOURSELF. Some might call this facing yourself, or simply taking some time for YOU.

They suggest doing “something you love” or something new like play guitar, knit, pet your dog or cat. Also suggest using some of the end of the hour to journal about your experience each day. The most important is to STICK TO IT! One hour every day.

It may sound strange but this blog has already been leading me towards this. I’m looking forward to this challenge I know it’ll be rewarding, empowering and at times difficult to slow down time for me. To just be…

Happy you! 

Thanks to Collective Evolution go to to check out their amazing site and go to  to sign up for the challenge.


By Sinx-x

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.14.42 AM

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Parties, Delectables & Pretty Things

From bad wine to divine – colors!

Pantone’s color of the year 2015 is Marsala, which they described as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red. Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls”. Now I’m earthly and I love wine but I just cannot get into this color. Not even a little bit! To me all I see and think is bad cheap lipstick or blush. Me no likey.

Don’t get me wrong I love a rich dark color. Personally if you’re going dark and rich then really commit! Try darker greys, blue, greens and blacks – think Downton Abbey servant areas.  If you’re going red stick with a classic red with more pop – think Downton Abbey lush upstairs with endless pops of red in Season 5. While my BFF, Michael Quinn, and I were trying to have a Downton marathon all that red was like set design stop signs. So distracting for us visual divas! But I digress I could go on all day about Downton style.

I say the trend color palette from what I’ve noticed and intuited is on the fast track to being a soft and pastel palette. There’s a calm in the colors that we all need and appreciate. Our eyes like never before are so visually inundated. These fresh soft colors are like a respite offering neutral ground. There is an earthly quality to them.

Speaking of neutral ground. I’m going with one of my favorite design sites – Remodelista’s color of the year 2015 – Farrow Ball’s Pink Ground.

Eight months ago when I was putting together my visual inspiration for this blog I was drawn to the softer pastel palettes see examples below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.44.07 AMPantone’s Color of the Year 2015. Notice it’s surrounded by pastels.

My Inspiration Color Palette via Pinterest-

pastel-green-peach-color-palettee5e6477e8f84835460ec53da57a7a327a-COLOR-PALETTE-INSPIRATION-640x468Great mix of Pastels & Dark Colors, plus Lucille Ball! Fab!



Above: Pantone’s pick for color of the year may be Marsala; but our wall color pick is pale, dusty pink (specifically, Pink Ground from Farrow & Ball, a favorite with Ben Pentreath).

Style Sanctuary

Blizzard Boyfriend – Winter Storm Juno or Asteroid Juno

Juno is the Roman Goddess of marriage and childbirth. In Astrology Juno, the asteroid, is the Key to Marriage, Intimacy and Partnership. Now we have Juno the Snowmageddon Storm of 2015.

Since it is 2015 those in need of love and psychical warmth are turning to the Internet for hook ups. Not at all what astrologers would say Juno represents – “flighty love affairs” but maybe these brave (or totally crazy) individuals will get intimate and form major partnerships.

Or maybe it really depends on what their own Juno is doing in their astrological chart; of course a storm being named Juno is not enough. But I’ve never seen so much need for intimacy during an emergency situation! And I do think there’s power in a name.

Transiting Juno (or Juno currently in the sky) is making a fire trine to Uranus (rules the internet) and Pallas. Pallas is another asteroid, the goddess of Creative Intelligence. She has the ability to link, unify and bring together. Pallas has great perceptual skills for planning and public relations. So just maybe Juno Storm and Juno asteroid are connected!

No matter what your thoughts are on online dating or hook ups (this girl is not a fan). Emergency storm hook ups are certainly better then complete panic or store looting.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.41.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.41.38 PM


Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.42.34 PM



Symbol for Juno Asteroid


 Photo of Juno Asteroid via

Other photos via Refinery 29

To read more about this craze, click on links below-

Paying Home-age

Interview with Brad McCall.

Anyone who has worked or talked with Brad McCall knows that he TRULY is a renaissance man. He can paint, sculpt, sew, build, do ceramics & hair and even make custom shoes and jewelry. I’ve had the pleasure and life changing exposure to work closely with Brad. The knowledge, skills and laughter I experienced are absolutely priceless! It makes complete sense that for the last eight years Brad has been a successful and favorite Visual Instructor at FIDM in Los Angeles. Brad cares. He has high visual and project integrity. He is one of kind just like his designs, I lOVE him!

In his lengthy career in Visual, Window and Retail Design and as a Creative Director his clients have been Neiman Marcus, Harry Winston, Hermes, Wynn Resort Las Vegas, and Martin Katz. He produced the five million Black Diamond Victoria Secrets Martin Katz 2008 Fantasy Bra with over 3900 jewels. He worked with Bob Mackey and Cher designing and producing Cher’s custom tour shoes.

TSF – How would you describe your style?

Brad – I like to think eclectic. I love things in my home that are from my travels. Love goods with an ethic origin and casual sophistication. I like color a lot but mostly like the home environment to be a more subdue color and let the furnishings add that element to the mix. Big fan of WHITE and greys. I vacillate from eclectic to stark and sparse Definitely in Summer I like it white and sparse.  Very cooling effect I feel with a touch of color for pop.

 TSF – What inspires you?

Brad – The sun coming up in the morning, love seeing the break of day. My spiritualism. Art, music, movies, reading, good food and hole in the wall bars – I have a real passion for them. Good friends, cooking meals for them, gardens and traveling.

TSF- How do you come up with a display concept? 

 Brad – I like windows with strong composition and order. To the point. I want the attention to be on the item of importance. I like the same in my lifestyle environment but softer and more comfortable. Most of all I like detail. Attention to details and finishes are very important.

TSF – What’s your dream job?

 Brad – One where I get to travel and live in different places around the world, write about my experiences and get paid! As for my current jobs, I love what I do. I have always loved my visual design consulting jobs. They are always a challenge and never boring. I can’t stand to be bored!


photo 2

Master Brad McCall  

Continue for more photos.

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Chateau De Gudanes – My new DIY Design Heros!

I’ve always fantasied about living in the French countryside in a gorgeous stone Chateau or farmhouse. I was thrilled and further inspired when I got to visit this dream lived through friends Hugh Hamrick and David Sedaris. I still live it vicariously through House Hunters International. This post however is about another couple that took that dream to another dimension.

Karina and Craig Waters, an Australian couple, bought an abandoned 18th century neoclassical French chateau in a small village called Chateau-Verdun in the South of France. The couple has made it their mission to renovate and restored this neglected and ruined chateau.

The couple is currently working on the renovations and documenting it along the way on their blog – . Even during the renovations they hope to offer tours and a café as soon as possible. And by 2016 they would like to also offer accommodations, a gift shop, facilities for weddings, music festivals, local fêtes, workshops, conferences, seminars and courses. See pics after text.

Words from Karina and Craig Waters –

“Our aim is to tread lightly and gently – to preserve the atmosphere and authenticity of the Chateau and region as much as possible. She will be renovated but her rawness, wear and history will not be erased, but instead integrated. In keeping with this, we also plan to use energy efficient principles and sustainable refurbishment. This means up cycling and recycling as much as possible, including building materials, design features and decor.

The Chateau won’t be a pretentious museum piece, but rather, a place to visit, reconnect with the earth and people, and restore the senses, just like she herself has been restored. It won’t be about overcrowding the walls with paintings or overflowing the floors with furnishings, but will be relatively minimalistic – a place to simply rest, breathe and enjoy the calm.”

This set designer, event designer, interior decorator and gypsy can NOT wait to go! I LOVE the passionate DIY vitality. The spirit of preserving the past in a true form with its amazingly beautiful bumps, bruises and scars. This project is an endless spectacular visual and verbal story that is being shared and preserved. Truly impressive – Bravo Karina and Craig!

Chateau front


9e8d7067d850ce9559cdaad90c22414d_6Continue for more photos. 


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