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December 2014


Custom Mudroom Wall in a Tight Entranceway

This was tricky and had me stumped for a bit. I really wanted a mudroom entranceway but didn’t have a foyer area or really any space at all. So I came up with adding a wood panel to add warmth, anchor and help define the “mud wall”.

• 4 x 8 Clean top choice plywood – I picked Maple with a cool knot pattern.
• Molding
• Brush Nickel Hooks – 2 different sizes – 1 large 1 small
• Ikea Brushed Nickel Shelf Bracket
• Slab of Rustic Wood – to use as shelf
• Special sauce mix
• 3 Baskets – added later to shelf

First always measure everything three times, then measure again! Cut your plywood to fit the
wall space your covering.

photo 24

photo 23

photo 16
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